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Frequently Asked Questions





What is American Legion Auxiliary Laruel Girls State

Laurel Girls State is a mythical state whose government functions in the same manner as the State of Connecticut.


Most of each day at Laurel Girls State is spent on learning the political process starting with town government and finishing with the state government. The delegate should come prepared to spend the entire week discussing politics in its varied forms. She will be placed in a party, either Nationalist or Federalist, and expected to participate in campaigning, party platforms, and bill writing.


While the program has many speakers in the field of politics, the bulk of the time is spent by the girls experiencing the process. They will elect officials and conduct town/city meetings. Each girl is expected to participate at some level.


Who runs ALALGS


ALALGS is a program sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Connecticut.  A group of five dedicated women work year round to plan and implement the program.  All our staff are highly qualified and dedicated volunteers.


How does my daughter get selected


Local ALA Units choose delegates to sponsor for the week.


What are the dates, times, and locations


2019 Laurel Girls State will be held at Post University from Sunday June 23- June 28, 2019

What is ALA Girls Nation


Each Girls State program across the country chooses two girls to serve as ALA Girls Nation Senators.  For more information about the ALA Girls Nation program, click here.

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